Cross Shore Design Ltd
Product Design, Business Development and Management Consaltancy Services


Product Design, Business Development & Management Consultancy

Cross Shore Design Ltd


Cross Shore Design delivers the services of Andrew Chandler in Product Design, Business Development and Management Consultancy.



Product design

From non-lethal weapon systems to hand held consumer electronics Andrew has lead teams in the design of innovative products for over twenty years.

  • Rapid concept generation
  • 3D visualisation
  • Electro-mechanical design
  • Prototype manufacture
  • Manufacturing support



business development

Active and experienced in the Superyacht and Maritime Defence sectors.

  • Technology consultant
  • Market analysis
  • Campaign strategy
  • Market engagement
  • Product sales



management consultancy

Andrew bears both the smiles and the scars of growing and managing a company from start-up to multi-million pound turn over.

  • Finance
  • Process
  • Strategy