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Professional  cameras

in the heart of the action

The Chase Boat is the backbone of on the water event coverage.


We supply a complete set of gyro stabilised camera equipment ready to shoot for a full day on the ocean, in any weather.

Supplied with our operators and technicians, for European events we can also supply the boat and trusted drivers, complete with full commercial insurances.


A Jetski/PWC camera solution developed to deliver a unique perspective of some of the most extreme and innovative watersports on this planet.

Using our purpose built jetski setup, or custom rigged to your local ski. Broadcast or Cine setups operated from the comfort of shore.

BTS edit from some fun with cameras, foils and jet skis in Hood River:


Working with our colleagues from Ridge to Reef we offer the ShotOver M1 configured with long lens Cine or Broadcast setups.

Most at home on the heli, but also available for chase setups.

BTS edit from our team providing heli coverage of World Sailing's World Championships:


To enable full event coverage with a compact team our crew fly the DJI Mavic Pro series of drones, complete with specially modified controllers for use in permanent salt water environments.


Using the proven Dactylcam and Cadence cable cam systems we can fly our stabilised heads for live sports and film productions.

A point to point self driven system with complete wireless control. Our team first ran these systems on the Red Bull film Frames of Mind.

Catch the BTS edit here:

See how our cousins at Defy Products run this same system at Red Bull Rampage:


The Defy Rhythm rail cam system is also a self driven wireless system. Suitable for quick setups or permanent installs.

Check out the system overview here:

EX350_Defy Rhythm.jpg

Experts in our equipment

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