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Straight 2 Social

Livestream from Anywhere


without compromise

Multi cam live stream straight to your social media platforms;  produced and transmitted from the heart of the action.

Leveraging the latest technologies in video switching, bonded cellular and mobile satellite internet (Starlink) connections.


Micro outdoor broadcast systems integrated into a rugged ocean proof kit ready for deployment in the most extreme environments.

Livestream from the middle of the ocean.

Stabilised zoom camera, drone, presenter cam and remote camera positions. Live cut and graphics produced on board.


Streamed live to Instagram, Facebook and Youtube via onboard bonded Cellular/Starlink connection.

Watch a recent deployment, developed with Sunset+Vine for World Sailing:

For European events held in wild locations we can drive in with our 4WD T6 configured for multi cam production and remote live-streaming.

Long lens remote heads  (back to truck via RF links) and drone operated from the truck. Additional ENG cut with graphics on board.

Streamed live via onboard bonded cellular/Starlink connection.



Live broadcast
from the heart of the action

Screenshot 2023-09-11 140302.jpg

Watch an overview showing some of the challenges faced by our remote production team:


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